Strong Men & Women in Virginia History

logo for 2018 Strong Men and Women in Virginia History

The Library of Virginia has joined forces with Dominion to form a new dynamic program. Dominion’s Strong Men & Women: Excellence in Leadership series and the Library of Virginia’s African American Trailblazers in Virginia History are now one program — Strong Men & Women in Virginia History. This new program, which will operate in Virginia only, was inaugurated in January 2013.

Most components of the original programs remain the same: we still honor distinguished African-American leaders, and there will be an annual student writing contest with awards to students and their schools.

Resource materials for Strong Men & Women in Virginia History are available online to Virginia-area schools through the Library of Virginia. Teachers may also request a set of materials to be mailed to them through our contact us page.

Download the 2018 poster (PDF)

For information on past honorees (Trailblazers and Strong Men & Women) use the following links: African American Trailblazers and Strong Men & Women: Excellence in Leadership series. Visit our research guide for digital resources on African American History sites.

Strong Men & Women in Virginia History is
a joint project of the Library of Virginia and Dominion Energy.

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