Brown Teacher Research Fellowship

The Brown Teacher Research Fellowship provides Virginia educators the opportunity to research and study a specific aspect of Virginia history and produce educational resources to support the Library of Virginia’s ongoing exhibition and education programs. The award includes a generous stipend as well as an allocation to cover registration fees and travel for conference presentations.

Over the course of two weeks during the summer, the Brown Fellows work with staff members of the Library of Virginia—including consultation with reference and archival staff members—to pursue research on the selected topic for the year. The Brown Fellows are required to make a presentation at an educational conference based on their research.

This year the Library of Virginia is looking for two Fellows that have an interest in researching both the history of Virginia’s state constitutions and how each one has influenced the daily lives of all Virginians. Piqued your interest? Then view the 2021 Brown Fellowship Information to learn more about the project and how to apply.

Deadline is Friday, May 14th.

Frequently asked questions about the Brown Teacher Fellowship

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