Civic Conversation Series

Free and open to the public, this small-group discussion series encourages informed conversations around complex topics affecting Virginia. On the second Wednesday of each month, the Library will screen a segment from a documentary film, followed by a roundtable conversation with input from a moderator and historical expert from the Library. Attendees are encouraged to share their perspectives with the group.

The primary vehicle for organizing the discussion group will be via Meetup, a popular online event and community organization tool. You can join the Meetup group to receive instant notifications of upcoming Conversations. Please note that joining Meetup is not a requirement for attendance.

As the archival repository for our state, the Library has a historical perspective to bring to these topics as well as a desire to promote a safe and neutral space in which these conversations can be fostered.

Location will be primarily in the Library; however, we look forward to exploring other partnering spaces as well. To continue the discussions beyond the physical Meetup, the Library will create online resource guides and post further discussion questions.

For more information, contact your Meetup host via the online community or contact Emma Ito directly at or 804.692.3726.

January 8, 2020 A Conversation about Monuments
February 12, 2020 A Conversation about Freedom Riders and Nonviolent Activism
March 11, 2020 A Conversation about Feminism