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Orran and Ellen Brown

Established in 2009, the Anne & Ryland Brown Teacher Enrichment Fund is intended to enhance knowledge and training in history and social science instruction in Virginia by providing educators with an opportunity for in-depth study and the development of teaching materials in collaboration with both teaching colleagues and members of the Library of Virginia’s professional staff.

The Anne & Ryland Brown Teacher Enrichment Fund was endowed by Ellen and Orran Brown in honor of his parents. The fund is a legacy to the lifelong belief of Anne and Ryland Brown, of Forest, Virginia, in the power of education to improve an individual’s well being and that of his or her family.

Learn more about Anne and Ryland Brown in the Library’s Fall 2009 issue of Broadside.

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Anne and Ryland Brown

Library of Virginia Programs supported by the Anne & Ryland Brown Teacher Enrichment Fund

During our two-day teacher institute Library of Virginia staff members and guest speakers offer tools, resources, and content to aid educators in the classroom. Teachers explore how to use primary sources to enhance student learning and discover new digital resources. Learn more and see a schedule for upcoming Institutes.

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The Brown Teacher Research Fellowship provides Virginia educators the opportunity to research a specific aspect of Virginia history and produce educational resources to support the Library of Virginia’s ongoing exhibition and education programs. The award includes a stipend and an allocation to cover registration fees and travel for conference presentations. Fellows conduct 40 hours of research on-site at the Library between June and September, and make a presentation at their regional Brown Teacher Institute. Learn more and apply for a Brown Fellowship.

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