Strong Men & Women Traveling Exhibition

The Strong Men & Women in Virginia History exhibition might be coming to your area – check out the current exhibition itinerary below. This exhibition is an annual project that honors African Americans for their contributions to the commonwealth. For more information about booking the exhibition, please contact Barbara C. Batson, Exhibitions Coordinator, at or 804-692-3518.

6/26–8/5/2023Josephine School Community Museum (Berryville)
7/10–8/19/2023Library of Virginia
8/7–9/23/2023Martinsville Library
8/21–9/30/2023Jordan-Newby Anchor Branch Library at Broad Creek (Norfolk)
9/25–11/4/2023Waynesboro Public Library
10/2–11/11/2023Albert Hill Middle School (Richmond)
11/6–12/16/2023Southside Regional Library, Burnett Library and Learning Center (Clarksville)
11/13–12/23/2023Ruby B. Archie Public Library (Danville)
12/18/2023–1/27/2024Burke Centre Library (Fairfax County)
12/26/2023–2/3/2024Martha Washington Library (Fairfax County)
1/29–3/9/2024Russell County Public Library
2/5–3/16/2024Northumberland County Public Library
3/11–4/20/2024Sherwood Regional Library (Fairfax County)
3/18–4/27/2024Eastern Shore Public Library
4/22–6/1/24Mathews Memorial Library

Strong Men & Women in Virginia History is a joint project of the Library of Virginia and Dominion Energy.