CIVIC CONVERSATIONS: A Conversation about Feminism

From the U.S. News & World Report collection at the Library of Congress

Free and open to the public, this small-group discussion series encourages informed conversations around complex topics affecting Virginia. On the second Wednesday of each month, the Library will screen a segment from a documentary film, followed by a round-table conversation with input from a moderator and historical expert from the Library. Attendees are encouraged to share their perspectives with the group.

March 11, 2020’s event featured a screening from the Netflix documentary Feminists: What Were They Thinking. Our conversation centered around current and historic feminist terminology and attitudes. The Library of Virginia’s Education & Outreach Manager, Catherine Wyatt, moderated our discussion and our Exhibitions Coordinator, Barbara Batson, lent her expertise on suffrage and feminism. For more information, contact Cindy Marks at

Potential Discussion Questions:

  • Is the feminist movement as relevant and necessary today as it has been in the past?
  • Do you feel the term “feminism” carries too much baggage for usage today? If so, what term is used more frequently by women in current generations?
  • Does the idea of intersectionality aid or detract from a feminist agenda?
  • Do women who are more oriented towards careers or service as fulfillment feel differently about feminism than women who choose to stay shy of the workforce because they find their homes and raising their children a more fulfilling orientation? How about women who do not have the option to choose a focus but do both—where do they see feminism playing a role in their lives?
  • What factors contribute to women’s equality?
  • Does equality in society ever happen organically or is it a constant battle?
  • Does a feminist have to be female?

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