We Demand Traveling Exhibition

To commemorate the centennial of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution granting women the right to vote, the traveling exhibition, We Demand: Women’s Suffrage in Virginia uses text and images to trace the history of the woman suffrage movement in Virginia from 1909 until 1920. For more information, please contact Barbara C. Batson, exhibitions coordinator, at barbara.batson@lva.virginia.gov or 804.692.3518.


3/2/20­–4/11/20                                   Danville Public Library

3/16/20–4/25/20                                Gloucester County Public Library

4/13/20–5/23/20                                Historic Onancock School

4/27/20–6/6/20                                  Alexandria Public Library (Burke)

5/25/20–7/4/20                                   Handley Regional Library System (Bowman)

6/8/20–7/18/20                                   Buchanan County Public Library

7/6/20–8/15/20                                   Fairfax Museum & Visitors Center

7/20/20–8/29/20                                 Shenandoah County Public Library

8/17/20–9/26/20                                 Lynchburg Museum

8/31/20–10/10/20                               Portsmouth Public Library (Churchland)

9/28/20–11/7/20                                 Slover Library (Norfolk)

10/12/20–11/21/20                             Henrico County Public Library (Varina)

11/9/20–12/19/20                               Grayson County Historical Society

11/23/20–1/2/21                                Pamunkey Regional Library (Mechanicsville)

2/1/21–3/13/21                                Historical Society of Western Virginia

2/15/21–3/27/21                                 Loudoun County Public Library

6/7/21–7/17/21                                   Central Rappahannock Regional Library (Howel)