Virginia’s Constitutions Traveling Exhibition

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the current state constitution, the Library of Virginia is pleased to offer Virginia’s Constitutions, a traveling exhibition.

State constitutions are one of the most essential parts of the social contract. They articulate a way of life and embody fundamentally important ideas about the relationships between people and their government. State constitutions provide additional protections and rights not named in the federal constitution, and can be amended more often than the federal one. Thomas Jefferson believed that state constitutions should be revised at regular intervals.

For more information on this exhibition or bringing it to your area, please contact Barbara C. Batson, exhibitions coordinator, at or 804.692.3518. See the exhibition Prospectus and FAQ for Virginia’s Constitutions.

11/22/2021–1/1/2022Lynchburg Public Library
1/3/2022–2/12/2022Central Rappahannock Regional Library
2/14/2022–3/26/2022Augusta County Library
3/28/2022–5/7/2022Shenandoah County Library
5/9/2022–6/18/2022Rockbridge Regional Library
6/20/2022–7/30/2022James Madison Regional Library (Northside)
8/1/2022–9/10/2022Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library
9/12/2022–10/22/2022Pittsylvania County Public Library
10/24/2022–12/3/2022Eastern Shore Public Library (Parksley)
12/5/2022–1/14/2023Mecklenburg County Library
1/16/2023–2/25/2023Botetourt County Library (Eagle Rock)
2/27/2023–4/8/2023Culpeper County Library
4/10/2023–5/20/2023Central Rappahannock Regional Library (Porter)
5/22/2023–7/1/2023Fairfax Museum & Visitor Center
7/3/2023–8/12/2023Massanutten Regional Library
8/14/2023–9/23/2023Ellen Coolidge Burke Library
9/25/2023–11/4/2023Amherst County Public Library
11/6/2023–12/16/2023Henrico County Public Library (Varina)
12/18/2023–1/27/2024Chesterfield County Public Library (Central)