We Demand: Quilting Challenge

The Library of Virginia issued a 2020 call for submissions to quilters and textile artists for banners addressing the theme of women’s suffrage to coincide with our exhibition, We Demand: Women’s Suffrage in Virginia, commemorating the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. The concept was to involve Virginia’s artist and artisan communities in creative expression around women’s suffrage and equality, both historic and current.

Presented here is a gallery of these submissions along with some quotes from the artists discussing their inspiration for this project. The Library will gladly continue to collect photos and discussions to add to the gallery.

I was so pleased when Virginia finally passed the ERA, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate both the ERA and the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote.

Cynthia Siira

I think of my grandmothers who lived during this period. I do not know how they felt about the movement, but I like to believe they stood up for the right to vote and to be heard. May we, as women, never forget what was given by the suffragettes to give the future generations of women the right to vote and voice our thoughts, feelings and desires. We are still fighting the equality issue 100 years later; hopefully my granddaughter will fine more equality in the world.”

Priscilla Stultz