Traveling Exhibition

The New Virginians: 1619–2019 & Beyond exhibition might be coming to your area. Below is the exhibition schedule for 2019.

The traveling version of the exhibition explores the changing demographics of the commonwealth on the eve of the 2020 federal census through a series of interviews with first-generation immigrants and refugees who arrived in Virginia after 1976. Produced jointly by the Library of Virginia and Virginia Humanities, the exhibition is a Legacy Project of the 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution. For more information, please contact Barbara C. Batson, exhibitions coordinator, at or 804.692.3518.

New Virginians: 1619–2019 & Beyond Itinerary

4/8/2019­–5/18/2019 Eastern Shore Public Library
5/20/2019–6/29/2019 Alexandria Public Library
(Burke Branch)
7/1/2019–8/10/2019 Powhatan County Public Library
8/12/2019–9/21/2019 Blacksburg Library
9/23/2019–11/2/2019 Massanutten Regional Library
11/4/2019–12/14/2019 James Madison University Libraries
12/16/2019–1/25/2020 Fairfax Museum
1/27/2020–3/7/2020Shenandoah Public Library
3/9/2020–4/18/2020Handley Regional Library
4/20/2020–5/30/2020Mathews Memorial Library