Brown Teacher Research Fellowship Information

The 2018 Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Research Fellowship

Open to Virginia 4th–12th Grade History and Social Science Educators


The Library of Virginia is pleased to announce the Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Research Fellowship. The goal of the program is to enhance knowledge and training in history and social science instruction in Virginia by providing educators with an opportunity for in-depth study and the development of teaching materials in collaboration with members of the Library of Virginia’s professional staff. Over the course of the summer, Brown Fellows work with Library of Virginia staff members to pursue research on an approved topic and produce educational materials based on the results of their findings. Brown Fellows are also required to make presentations regarding their research and finished projects at an educational conference.

This year the Fellowship will focus on research and projects on democracy, diversity, and opportunity in Virginia in support of New Virginians: 1619–2019 and Beyond, the Library of Virginia’s upcoming exhibition.

New Virginians: 1619–2019 and Beyond

Less than fifty years ago, only one in every 100 people living in Virginia had been born outside the United States. In 2012, the figure was one in nine. Recent estimates place the number of foreign-born Virginians at just under one million, and nearly half of these new residents are between the ages of 25 and 44. What will this mean, and what does it already mean, for public education, electoral politics, local economies, and a social fabric that has long been held together by a sense of shared history? The composite portrait of Virginia is becoming more complex almost daily and more challenging to an older, simpler understanding of what it means to be a Virginian. The challenge and opportunity is to reconsider what kind of place Virginia is and what kind of place it should be, or can be. Whether our roots in the state go back ten thousand years, ten generations, or ten weeks, we must create the map together. New Virginians: 1619–2019 and Beyond will be on display at the Library of Virginia December 10, 2018–November 23, 2019.

We are looking for Fellows who are interested in developing teacher resources that examine the history of immigration and the experiences of immigrants as they come to Virginia, focusing on the themes of democracy, diversity, and opportunity. The Fellows will create a set of documents to be added to the online primary resource collection Document Bank of Virginia (DBVa), the Library of Virginia’s initiative to get documents into classrooms. Using primary sources, teachers and librarians can make history relevant to students while helping them learn and understand state standards. DBVa will teach students to be critical thinkers as they analyze original documents and draw their own conclusions about Virginia’s past.


The Brown Teacher Research Fellowship includes:

  • A stipend of $2,000 for each recipient
  • Up to $500 reimbursement for travel to an approved conference as a presenter


Eligible candidates for the Brown Teacher Research Fellowship must:

  • Be residents of Virginia
  • Have a minimum of three years of teaching experience in history and/or social science
  • Exhibit the use of creative and engaging teaching techniques in the classroom
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the use of primary sources as a part of classroom instruction
  • Be available to complete two weeks of research between June and September 2018


Applications must include:

  • A résumé
  • A statement of interest in 500 words or less outlining:
    • reasons for applying for the Fellowship
    • teaching philosophy
    • what you hope to gain from the experience
  • A letter of support from an immediate supervisor
  • A sample lesson plan and/or narrative description demonstrating creative uses of primary sources, along with examples of student work based on the lesson, if available


DEADLINE: Complete applications should be e-mailed to the following address by Friday, May 11, 2018:


For additional information, please contact Catherine Fitzgerald Wyatt, Education and Outreach manager, at or 804-692-3999.