Students and Educators

The Library of Virginia is dedicated to providing relevant and useful educational material on Virginia’s history, culture, and people to the commonwealth’s educators, students, and lifelong learners of any age. Our educational outreach programs help cultivate public understanding of the history of the Library, including our mission, collections, programs, and services through events and workshops, web-based content, and tours of our facility.

Tours and Workshops

Tour group at the Library of VirginiaThe Library of Virginia hosts tours of our public facilities and exhibition gallery and conducts workshops for educators and students. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the Library’s rich history and mission, as well as to explore documents in our collection that can be used for teaching geography, social studies, civics, and government.

Your group can start your tour with an orientation video that gives an overview of our history and collections. You also may arrange a visit to our Special Collections department to learn about some of the rarest and oldest items in our holdings. We encourage visits by groups of older students who may be interested in using the Library’s collections for research projects. Please note that these options are limited by the availability of staff, by space in the facility, and by the rules and policies governing research and access to materials, which are outlined in our Visitors’ Guide.

Please contact us for more information.

Document Bank of Virginia

UNCLE SAM,  WORLD WAR I POSTER, 1918Document Bank of Virginia (DBVa) is the Library of Virginia’s initiative to get documents into classrooms. Using primary sources, teachers can make history relevant to students while helping them learn and understand state standards. DBVa will teach students to be critical thinkers as they analyze the original documents and draw their own conclusions about Virginia’s past.