Virginia Changemakers
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African American Trailblazers 2011

John Rollison

John Rollison.jpg

John Rollison negotiated the legal and social restrictions of men of color in colonial Virginia to become a well-respected, wealthy man in York…

Annie Belle Daniels


Annie Belle Daniels, the founder of the Madam Daniels School of Beauty Culture, is an influential civil rights and political activist in Newport News.

John Arthur Stokes

John Arthur Stokes.jpg

As a student at Robert Russa Moton High School, John Stokes helped lead a strike by pupils to gain better education facilities, an act of defiance…

Wendell Scott


Wendell Scott endured racism on and off the track to become the first African American to win at the highest level of stock car racing.

Henrietta Lacks


Henrietta Lacks's cells, known in the medical world as HeLa cells, were the first human cells to be grown successfully outside the body for more than…

Robert Walter Johnson

Robert W. Johnson III.jpg

Robert Walter Johnson was a driving force behind the integration of the sport of tennis.

Lucy Francis Simms

Lucy Francis Simms.jpg

Born into slavery, Lucy Francis Simms was a highly respected elementary school teacher in Harrisonburg for more then fifty years.

Henry "Box" Brown

Henry Box Brown.jpg

After his family was suddenly sold out of the state in 1848, he shipped himself in a wooden crate to freedom in 1849.