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  • Collection: Expansion and Reform

CONTENT WARNING: Materials in the Library of Virginia's collections contain historical terms, phrases, and images that are offensive to modern readers. These include demeaning and dehumanizing references to race, ethinicity, and nationality; enslaved…

This broadside is an 1836 publication by the American Anti-Slavery Society. The broadside highlights the group’s opposition to slavery through quotations from the Bible and some of America’s Founding Documents. In the 1830s, moves were made to…

James Buchanan  served as America’s 15th president from 1857 to 1861. While he was in office, seven Southern states seceded from the Union. Originally from Pennsylvania, the only president with that claim, Buchanan began his political career in his…

James Madison Map of Virginia 1807.jpg
This map shows Virginia as it was in the early 1800s, when many people were beginning to move from the fairly settled eastern shore into the western parts of the state. It was surveyed under the supervision of James Madison.Citation: Madison, James,…

Nat Turner was born a slave in Southampton County, Virginia in 1800. Turner was a self-ordained prophet who masterminded the slave insurrection that occured in 1831. After the insurrection, Turner was eventually captured, tried, and executed on…
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