Virginia Changemakers
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Virginia Women in History 2001

Elizabeth Van Lew

00_0069_01_Van Lew.jpg

Elizabeth Van Lew oversaw an effective and significant Union spy network during the Civil War.

Sally Louisa Tompkins

VWH 2001_Tompkins.jpg

Appointed a captain in the Confederate army, Sally Tompkins managed a hospital in Richmond during the Civil War.

Elizabeth Hobbs Keckly

Elizabeth Hobbs Keckly.jpg

Seamstress Elizabeth Keckly bought her freedom and later served as dressmaker for Mary Todd Lincoln at the White House.

Rosa Dixon Bowser

VWH 2001 Bowser.jpg

Social reformer Rosa Dixon Bowser was an advocate for civil rights and educational opportunities for African Americans.

Theresa Pollak

VWH 2001 Pollak VCU(2).jpg

A nationally known painter, Theresa Pollak was the founding faculty member of the School of Art at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell

VWH 2001 Campbell 050056_03.jpg

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell's belief in the value of education and the power of public broadcasting led her to help create the successful public…

Thomasina Jordan

VWH 2001 Jordan.jpg

Thomasina E. Jordan, also known as "Red Hawk Woman," was a passionate advocate for American Indians throughout her life.

Edith Bolling Galt Wilson

VWH 2001 Wilson.jpg

As First Lady of the United States, Edith Wilson was Woodrow Wilson's trusted confidant.