Virginia Changemakers
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Agnew, Ella_NARA-513392.jpg
Ella Agnew was a pioneer in home demonstration work in rural Virginia early in the twentieth century.

VWH 2000 Cather.jpg
Pulitzer Prize–winning author Willa Cather was acclaimed for her novels portraying the settlers and frontier life of the American Plains.
Frederick County

Sarag Lee Odendhal Fain.jpg
Sarah Lee Fain was one of the first two women elected to Virginia's General Assembly.

VWH 2000 Glasgow.jpg
A best-selling novelist, Ellen Glasgow challenged southern social and cultural conventions through her writing and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1942.

VWH 2000 Valentine.jpg
Social reformer Lila Meade Valentine was a founder and president of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia.

VWH 2000 Walker.jpg
Businesswoman and community activist Maggie Walker was the first African American woman to charter and serve as president of a bank.

VWH 2000 Madison.jpg
A quintessential hostess, Dolley Madison was at the center of the national political scene for many years and defined the role of First Lady in the 19th century.
Orange County

The daughter of the powerful paramount Indian chief, Pocahontas has become enshrined in American history as a savior of the Virginia colony.

Clementina Rind.jpg
Clementina Rind was the first female printer in colonial Virginia.

VWH 2000 Baldwin.jpg
For thirty-four years Mary Julia Baldwin was principal of the seminary that later became Mary Baldwin University.


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