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Executive Order 55 Supporting Virginians with Disabilities in the Commonwealth's Workforce, 2012


Materials in the Library of Virginia’s collections contain historical terms, phrases, and images that are offensive to modern readers. These include demeaning and dehumanizing references to race, ethnicity, and nationality; enslaved or free status; physical and mental ability; and gender and sexual orientation. 


In 2012, Governor Bob McDonnell signed Executive Order Number 55 which supported Virginians with Disabilities in the Commonwealth's Workforce. The executive order also addressed the importance of employment of Virginians with disabilities enabling these individuals to become active members of the economy.

The order reported that of the 3.6 million Virginians who were classified as “employed” in the previous census, only 154,985 were identified as “disabled” which was approximately 4% of census respondents. It was mandated in the order that there be increased coordination between state agencies and include more outreach from the involved departments. Along with Virginians with disabilities, the order also challenges agencies and business to strive to train and hire more veterans. State agencies were required to make regular reports on their compliance.

Watch a video of the Governor discussing the order here from the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services.

Citation: Executive Orders Digital Collection, Gov. McDonnell, Supporting Virginians with Disabilities in the Commonwealth's Workforce; Importance of Employment for Virginians with Disabilities , 16 Nov. 2012. Library of Virginia


VS.I, VS.9, USII.1, USII.8, USII.9, VUS.1, VUS.15

Suggested Questions

Preview Activity

Scan It: Scan the document. List three or four items covered in the executive order.

Post Activities

Analyze: after reading the document and watching the video, what is the purpose of an executive order? Why did the Governor feel that he needed to use an executive order to achieve this result?

Current Connections: The language in the document reflects the time in which it was written. How might this order be worded today? Why is the wording important?