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Henry Brown escapes from slaveryFugitive slave lawResponse to <em>Uncle Tom's Cabin</em>Ferguson family "are not negros""God made me a man"Hector Davis advertises his auction houseWilliam Ferguson on trial"cohorts of Black Republicans""sectional feeling within our Commonwealth"Portrait of John Brown"Abolition saints and martyrs""The people have been hoodwinked"Invitation to Danville Greys ballwanting to vote for Lincoln"How the Union shall be preserved"printing Republican ballots"To the Polls! To the Polls!""The best policy for the cadets?"Constitutional Union Party ballot 1860Breckinridge ballot 1860Douglas ballot 1860Republican ballot 1860"The Day of Battle Has Arrived""Troublous times are upon us"Deplorable electionVoted for Lincoln"Disunion?"Petition for prayer"in favor of a National Convention""The Union is gone""the spirit of sectionalism""A state of painful suspense"Freemasons discuss the UnionWytheville ResolutionsUnion Meeting in Wheeling"The Panick has destroyed business"Rockbridge County Resolutions"Defend the cause of Constitutional Liberty"Suggestion for mediation"No affinity between Eastern and Western Virginia"Secession of South CarolinaUnsettled business conditions1860 "ends in gloom and sadness""More secure in the Union"Map of slave population in VirginiaSpeedily call a convention"I shall be ready at your summons""How Rockingham stands""I fear it is now too late"Governor John Letcher's Message"They expected to be free""It all turned out exactly the opposite"Florida secedes"Hold Your Horses"Alabama secedes"Every feeling of my heart is for my own Section""The Secession Movement""The daughters of Old Augusta""Anguish of mind""Curse their Wicked obstinacy"No disunion but no concessionsSeize Fort Monroe and Harpers Ferry"The proper position for Virginia is in the Union""Are you a Union Man?"Peace Conference Commissioner"Coolness and calmness and moderation""I shall never despair of the Republic.""Sober and discreet men"Patriots Awake! Stir Your Stumps!"What means this hot haste?"Richmond City ElectionFrederick County Election"Why Such Haste?"To the Citizens of Frederick CountyElection in Washington CountyExcitement in Accomack"Strong advocate of the Union""Less hopeful than we were""This Conference must act"Henry County secessionistsNational Workingmen's ConventionA Trojan Horse"Tell your people all is well"Recognize the Confederacy"Before the fourth of March"John Tyler Janes desires to change his name"Virginia should step forth to-day""Civil war must now come""Rent into fragments"Lincoln's inauguralPreserving slavery and the Union"The remedy is worse than the disease"Humbug conferences and conventions"I hope she will be slower still""It is my purpose to remain in the Army"John Tyler reports"All may yet go well""Our Convention hesitates to secede""The spirit of immediate secession""The Union Party is stronger now""Lincoln was burnt in effigy""A pro-slavery man""Improvements in Lexington"Secession is the only alternative"Hatred of our Southern institutions"Henry A. Wise on the UnionPrepare for a separationMap of Virginia, 1861Virginia Convention at workThe editor is entitled to thanksDebating SecessionMap of April 4, 1861, Vote on Secession"Virginia will not submit""I shall be true to the Union""Quit the damn north""What Will Virginia Do?""Sustain a paper zealous for your rights""The Secessionists have been wild & devilish""Never fight our southern breathren""Union Meeting""Grand Secession demonstration""To Arms!""Submission or war"Map of April 17, 1861, Vote on SecessionThe Ordinance Passed"Pass the Ordinance of Secession""War is upon us.""Solemn protest""We must fight""Will you make a declaration of war?"Ordinance of Secession (Enrolled)Roll Call of Vote on Secession"Settle this tax question""At the Service of the State""Hold themselves ready""Resistance to Lincolns war policy"Flags as symbolsWhat a woman can do for her country"Military Enthusiasm Among the Ladies""Pass this tax ordinance"Robert E. LeeFirst signed Ordinance of SecessionA speedy union with the other slave statesThree news items, April 24, 1861"Thanking God that I have a son to offer""Pay Roll of Slaves Employed by the Commonwealth""The most enthusiastic joy""Affairs at Norfolk and Portsmouth""The President's infamous Proclamation""A Voice from North Western Virginia""Now on the verge of a bloody civil war""Willing to act as well as to vote""You must choose sides""A vote against the Ordinance is treason""100 at least, in each county""Action for Western Virginia""We are now short of Cash""The spirit of determined resistance""No more licorice""The Hancock Union Guards"We know our rights and dare maintain them"If we should be attacked""We will all be free pretty soon""Remain true to the Union"Liberty, democracy, and constitutional governmentFor ratification 130, against 1Discussing the Ordinance of Secession"Virginia Invaded""The ladies of Petersburg""They could take Lewisburg""Federal troops marched into Hampton"Recruiting for Virginia"The heroic conduct of these ladies""The ladies home guard""I owe Virginia little; my country much.""Our North Western border""Our unworthy public officials""A government for ourselves"Ordinance of Secession (Calligraphy)"Every thing here in the greatest confusion"Pierpont's inaugural address"Patriotic and accomplished daughters""You are subject to all these hardships"July 4, 1861"Proud spirited" ladies"We have commenced drilling""Lincolns message is war enough""A capital fortification""The Yankees Repulsed and Driven From the Field"Sanguinary battle at Bull RunIn Memory of William E. Woodward"We have at great cost won a victory at Manassas""The proposed new State"The Last Race of the Rail-SplitterTo call out the militia in West VirginiaPreston County Election ReturnLucy Goode Brooks is freedJames Alexander (1804–1887)John Brown Baldwin (1820–1873). Photograph in Special Collections, Library of Virginia.Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford (1802–1896)George Blow (1813–1894)Arthur Ingraham Boreman (1823–1896). Engraving in George W. Atkinson, <em>Prominent Men of West Virginia</em> (1890).Peter Bock Borst (1826–1882)John Minor Botts (1802–1869). Image in Special Collections, Library of Virginia.Andrew Hunter Holmes Boyd (1814–1865)George William Brent (1821–1872)Lucy Goode Brooks (1818–1900). Image courtesy of the Friends Association for Children.Thomas Greene Broughton (1786–1861). Image courtesy of Charlotte Shepard.Henry Box Brown (ca. 1815–1897). Image courtesy of Library of Congress.James Coles Bruce (1806–1865)Anthony Burns (1834–1862). Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.Martha Haines Butt (1833–1871). Engraving in <em>Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper</em>, January 14, 1860.Charles William Button (1822–1894)Archibald W. Campbell (1833–1899). Photograph in Granville Davisson Hall, <em>The Rending of Virginia</em> (1902).Allen Taylor Caperton (1810–1876). Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress.John Snyder Carlile (1817–1878). Photograph courtesy of Library of Congress.John Randolph Chambliss (1809–1875)Charles B. Coale (d. 1879). Engraving in Lewis Preston Summers, <em>History of Southwest Virginia, Washington County, 1777—1870</em> (1903).John Rogers Cooke (1822–1891). Photograph in Special Collections, Library of Virginia.Philip St. George Cooke (1809–1895). Photograph in Special Collections, Library of Virginia.William Pope Cooper (1825–1880)Robert Edwin Cowan (1830–1887)James Andrew Cowardin (1811–1882). Engraving in <em>National Cyclopedia of American Biography</em> (1892), volume 2.Charles James Pindall Cresap (1836–1886)William Henry Bagwell Custis (1814–1889)Hector Davis (1816–1863)Marshall Mortimer Dent (1828–1901)James Baldwin Dorman (1823–1893)Jubal Anderson Early (1816–1894). Photograph in Special Collections, Library of Virginia.John Echols (1823–1896). Photograph in Special Collections, Library of Virginia.John E. Ferguson (1810–1859)Miers W. Fisher (1806–1873). Image courtesy of Margaret Ryther.John Janney (1798–1872). Engraving in <em>Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper</em>, March 23, 1861.John Letcher (1813–1884). Portrait in State Artwork Collection, Library of Virginia.George William Summers (1804–1868)John Tyler (1790–1862). Portrait in State Artwork Collection, Library of Virginia.Henry Alexander Wise (1806–1876). Portrait in State Artwork Collection, Library of Virginia.