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printing Republican ballots

  • Printing Republican Ballots
On October 24, 1860, the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer announced that it had printed Republican Party ballots for sale and distribution.
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Printing Republican Ballots

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, October 24, 1860

In 1860 and 1861, voting was viva voce, or by voice vote. Voters announced out loud for whom they voted in the presence of everyone there. In presidential elections only, voters also handed in ballots containing the names of candidates for presidential elector, and they signed the back of the ballots in order that a ballot could be removed if a voter's eligibility was successfully challenged. Throughout the state, newspaper editors and printing offices printed ballots, or tickets, for voters to take to their polling places.

Abraham Lincoln received 771 votes in Wheeling and Ohio County and 1,929 votes throughout Virginia in November 1860.

Republican Tickets.
We shall commence this week, printing our electoral Republican tickets for all parts of the State, and by the first of next week they will be ready for mailing to all the counties where they may be wanted.—Price, by the hundred, 50cts. Price, by the thousand, $2.50. Send in your orders at once.
Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, October 24, 1860