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Mark Greenough
Supervisor and Historian, Virginia Division of Legislative Services

John T. Kneebone
Associate Professor of History, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the students of his spring 2010 class, "Introduction to Public History: Theory and Practice": Joseph Bayless, Ryland Breeding, Daniel N. Brown, Brandon Butterworth, Jason Carmichael, Allen Cornwell, Rachel Dorsey, Ronald Elswick, Denise Gammon, Timothy Hensley, Christopher Jennings, Lisa Vaughan Jordan, Richie Oliver, Hilliary Turner

Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Research Fellows (2009)
Nathaniel Morrison
Advanced Placement U.S. History, Atlee High School, Hanover County
Celia Polin
Social Studies, Cosby High School, Chesterfield County

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Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia