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Shaping the Constitution: About the Project

About the Project

The purpose of the "Shaping the Constitution: Resources from the Library of the Virginia and the Library of Congress" Web portal is to bring important documents from the Library of Virginia and the Library of Congress related to America's Founding Era and the United States Constitution to the classroom and to the general public.

This project has been in the works since September 2008, when the Library of Virginia received funding through the Library of Congress's Teaching with Primary Sources Eastern Regional Pilot Program. The mission of the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program is to build a consortium that fosters collaborations between the Library of Congress and the educational community to increase instructional use of digitized primary sources within K–12 classrooms.


Tameka B. Hobbs, Program and Education Manager (LVA), Project Director

Gregg D. Kimball, Director of Education and Outreach Services (LVA), Project Advisor

Brent Tarter, Senior Editor (LVA), Project Advisor

John Kaminski, Director of the Center for the Study of the American Constitution at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Project Advisor

Maria Kimberly, Resource Development Coordinator (LVA)

Evan Liddiard, Jr., Educational Assistant (LVA)

Kristin Tremper, Education Intern (September 2008–July 2009) & VCU Graduate Student

Myja Thibault, Education Intern (September 2008–June 2009) & VCU Graduate Student

Kevin Carpenter, Education Intern (September 2008–June 2009) & VCU Undergraduate Student

Susan Gilliam, Educational Assistant (LVA until May 2009)

Bill Humm of Light Heavy Industries, Web Designer

Kathleen Jordan, Digital Initiatives & Web Services Manager (LVA)

T. J. Rowland, Digital Collections Applications Developer (LVA)

Jason Roma, Web Developer (LVA)

Christine Sisic, Graphic Designer (LVA)

Michelle L. England, Graphic Design Intern & VCU Undergraduate Student

Staff of Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources—Northern Virginia Alliance

Cluny Brown, Lesson Plan Advisor and Creator, Highland Springs High School, Henrico County, Virginia