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The initial development of this educational content was made possible through a grant from the Elis Olssen Foundation and the commitment of Library of Virginia interns and the Educational Advisory Council.

Engage your students with history! Develop their powers of analysis and inquiry by guiding them to examine and study a historical source. Use these analysis sheets with any historical source to guide their exploration.

ATTACK the Source (Elementary)

You are CLEVER enough to examine a historical source (Middle)

Historical Source Analysis Sheet (Middle)

Historical Source Analysis Sheet (High)

Nova Virginia Tabula

How did early maps of Virginia portray the colony?

SOL: 1.4, 3.3, 3.5, 3.6, K.4, K.5, VS.1, VS.2, VS.3

By the King: A Proclamation Concerning Tobacco

How and why did King Charles seek to regulate the tobacco industry?

SOL: USI.1, VS.1, VS.4

Powhatan (Currently unavailable)

SOL: USI.1, VS.1

Nova Britannia

How did early promoters advertise the Virginia colony?

SOL: USI.5, VS.1, VS.3

Tobacco Counterblast

Why did King James I think that smoking tobacco was a dangerous habit?

SOL: VS.1, VS.4

James I

What connection did King James I have with Virginia?

SOL: USI.4, USI.5, VS.1, VS.3