Virginia Changemakers
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Edwilda Gustava.jpg
As a teenager, Edwilda Allen Isaac helped lead a walkout of students from R. R. Moton High School that contributed to ending school segregation in the United States.

McQueen 2.jpg
Civil rights pioneer Olivia Ferguson McQueen successfully challenged school segregation in 1959, but did not receive her diploma for another fifty-four years.

WTW 1974.jpg
A nationally celebrated Baptist minister, Wyatt Tee Walker was a pioneer in the Civil Rights movement.

Robert Russa Moton.jpg
Early in the twentieth century, Robert Russa Moton was one of the foremost African American educators in the United States.

2017 SMW_JohnsonCSJ001 WEB.jpg
Charles Spurgeon Johnson battled racism early in the twentieth century as a preeminent sociologist, author, educator, and college president.

Activist Nannie Berger Hairston strives to make her community a better place.

Attorney and civil rights activist Clarence M. Dunnaville Jr. advocates equal justice and equal opportunities for all Americans.

VWH 2001 Bowser.jpg
Social reformer Rosa Dixon Bowser was an advocate for civil rights and educational opportunities for African Americans.

VWH 2003 Bodeker.jpg
In 1870 Anna Whitehead Bodeker founded the first woman suffrage association in Virginia.

Blackford2 .jpg
Appalled by the violence of slavery and its effect on society, Mary Minor Blackford became a vocal anti-slavery supporter.
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