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VWH 2000 Walker.jpg
Businesswoman and community activist Maggie Walker was the first African American woman to charter and serve as president of a bank.

Clementina Rind.jpg
Clementina Rind was the first female printer in colonial Virginia.

A prominent Catholic in the Maryland colony, Margaret Brent later settled in Virginia where she and her siblings acquired extensive property and provided a refuge for Catholic colonists.
Stafford County

VWH 2002 Adamson.jpg
As the founder and president of the First Nations Development Institute and First Peoples Worldwide, Rebecca L. Adamson strives to empower Native peoples to achieve economic independence.

VWH 2002 Corbin.jpg
At the time of the American Revolution, Hannah Lee Corbin believed that female property owners were unfairly taxed because they could not vote.
Westmoreland County

VWH 2004 Snyder.jpg
From her cattle farm in Prince William County, Annie Snyder fought successfully to preserve the land around the Civil War battlefield at Manassas.

VWH 2004 Holden.jpg
At a time when women had few rights, Ann Makemie Holden managed her large plantation on the Eastern Shore and strove to uphold the ideals of the American Revolution.
Accomack County

A track star and Olympic champion, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley serves as president and CEO of Women in Cable and Telecommunications and works to expand opportunities for young women in sports.

Bowman 2.jpg
John-Geline MacDonald Bowman helped establish business and professional organizations for Virginia women and served as president of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs.

Laura Copenhaver.jpg
As founder of Rosemont Industries and as a Lutheran lay leader, Laura Lu Scherer Copenhaver advocated strategies for improving educational and economic opportunities in southwestern Virginia.
Smyth County
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