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Callie Anthony's Scrapbook

Callie: My Pa Callie: Me. Sitting still for so long to get the portrait was hard. I promise I don't usually look so stiff! Callie: This is Professor Cocke, the principal at Hollins. He is a good administrator, but not an agreeable man! Callie: One of our brave Lynchburg boys!
Callie: This is Lynchburg. Callie: The Peaks of Otter are a couple of mountains overlooking Liberty in Bedford County. They are a very famous and beautiful sight. Callie: I just liked this label. It reminds me of a horse race like this that I once saw. That was a very exciting day! Callie: Here's another picture of Lynchburg (I cut it out of Harper's Weekly. It was exciting to see a place I knew in a magazine!) Callie: This is Tinker Mountain, near Hollins. We took several fun expeditions up the mountain! Callie: Here's a dormitory at Hollins.